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Leave It to Beyoncé to Pull Off Holiday Hotpants

Leave It to Beyoncé to Pull Off Holiday Hotpants

The holidays are here, and ringing in the end of the year calls for one important thing: festive dressing! Whether you’re headed to a blowout company party or an intimate family get-together, part of the fun of the season is embracing holiday style signatures (including loads of sequins, velvets, and luxe metallics). That being said, it’s also easy to go too far this time of year; you don’t want to end up looking like a wrapped present yourself! The styling key is taking holiday motifs and making them feel modern—and none other than Beyoncé just nailed it. How so? She made an unlikely piece, hotpants, feel holiday party-ready.

If you’re not familiar with the hotpant, it’s an itty-bitty short that looks like a brief. The piece first appeared in the 1930s but didn’t emerge as a major trend until the ’70s, during the disco era: The upper thigh-grazing shorts were designed in all sorts of luxe fabrics, from velour to lamé. Today, they’re often worn during the summer time, in sprightly florals or denim treatments. But Beyoncé somehow made them feel appropriate for December. Her silver Prada pair was styled with a sheer white turtleneck and big faux fur jacket, topped off with big white hoops and nude pumps.

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