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Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2024

Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2024

Nili Lotan’s focus is on delivering for her customers, and her priorities at the moment are price point and wardrobing. “I want to make sure I have a proper range, because everyone is being careful with how they spend their money, [and] it should feel like a complete lifestyle.”

Moving away from the ’90s minimalism that she’s been working around for a year, her pre-fall leans heavily into prep territory. Lotan described it as “European collegiate,” but there’s something distinctly American about the sensibility. When discussing her menswear, an expanding category that she’s betting on for 2024, she said that the vibe is “less ‘sexy guy’ and more Steve McQueen.” 

The implication being that there’s a rawness to the new offering. Indeed, Lotan’s jeans have an inviting lived-in patina, whether they’re paired with supple cashmere separates or casual shirting with tuxedo details. The MVP shirt is a button-down cut in a weightless cotton voile.  

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